When considering Daniel’s experience at MUS, we quickly reached a simple conclusion: He was in the right place. The school provided him with top-notch academic challenges and a good variety of other opportunities. Coupled with the reputation for excellence that MUS has built, the school enabled Daniel to be considered on par with applicants from other good high schools when seeking college admission, one of our top concerns as parents.

We watched Daniel develop as a student, as an athlete, and as a man. MUS was able to provide the experiences that helped him grow but still managed to focus on having him understand that the responsibility for his development rested most strongly on his own shoulders. The faculty and administration did more than just academically educate our son; they got him fully prepared to take the next step in his life.

As we look back at his high school career in its entirety, we would not have wanted him anywhere else.

Stephanie and Anthony Tancredi, parents of Daniel Tancredi '16

Memphis University School holds a special place in my heart. This school thrives because of a pursuit of excellence in all areas. Every student and teacher comes to this great school for a reason. The faculty is better in person than it is on paper because the care of these great teachers can only be felt by building a friendship with them through MUS. The school embodies its Community Creed and stays true to the school motto: Veritas Honorque. The unique Honor Council separates our school from any others around. The halls are filled with young men of strong moral character who are likely to run this city in the future. The reward of the school is not the high ACT score nor the acceptance into a prestigious university but rather the memories made. The late nights doing homework, the sports games, and the free periods spent with friends are the reward of this great school. It is truly an honor to attend a school that promotes the traditional, old school values that will always be important to teaching young men. It's great to be an MUS Owl!

Mason Rudolph ’17

MUS made CJ the well-rounded young man he is today. He transitioned from a coed environment to MUS in the ninth grade. This transition was huge for a boy of few words. His biggest struggle at MUS was finding the confidence to talk to his teachers when he needed help understanding the material. During his ninth-grade year, CJ struggled academically. But through perseverance, he became a confident honor student with support from the MUS teachers and staff. Over the years, he grew academically, socially, and athletically. MUS taught him independence, leadership, and time management, transforming our little boy into a young man who is prepared for college.

Clayton and Veda Turner, parents of CJ Turner '16

I think MUS easily sets itself apart from other schools through its unique environment and community, which I've grown to love over the past few years. MUS has established an atmosphere of diversity where students from all walks of life and with a variety of different talents can still prosper and accomplish their goals. From academics to athletics to the arts, students can develop their interests and skills and find new ones because of the wide variety of programs and opportunities MUS has to offer. But most important, while any student is fostering and finding new interests with the school's diverse offerings, he can do so with a community of his peers and friends to form a kind of brotherhood unique to MUS.

Aneesh Ram ’17

I am pleased as a parent and as an MUS alum that MUS has maintained the same mission and philosophy throughout the changing years. I appreciate the steadfast and deliberate manner in which the school instills the characteristics of the mission statement – academic excellence, the development of service and leadership – while developing well-rounded young men of moral character. These characteristics are not only seen and expected in the classrooms but also on the playing fields. My son William has benefited greatly from the conscientious guidance of his teachers, coaches and administrators. Upon William’s graduation I will be extremely proud that he, his brother, James, Jr. ’13, and I will have shared similar and familiar experiences from the same alma mater. GO, OWLS!

James T. Rantzow, Sr. ’83, father of William Rantzow '16 and James '13

MUS is distinctive in that it gives students the opportunity to fill leadership positions and really make an impact on the school. From Student Council and the Civic Service Organization to the newspaper and the Honor Council, these active student organizations all offer meaningful leadership roles. While faculty members are engaged as advisors, all student organizations are fully run by their student leaders, from planning to execution. This kind of leadership experience not only helps students prepare for college but also prepares us to be engaged citizens in our community.

Alex Hyde ’17

Our family appreciates the wide range of opportunities MUS has afforded our sons. Their academic pursuits and extracurricular activities helped to shape and nurture their interests to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

Trammel enjoyed his own unique experience, different from his brother, Fort, who graduated in 2013. MUS encouraged Trammel to expand his horizons by exploring new areas of interest and to develop a real sense of place through friendships with teachers, coaches, and peers. His experience at the school has positioned him to achieve his major collegiate goals in athletics and academics.
MUS cultivates an environment where hard work in the classroom, on the lacrosse field, or on the theater stage produces success. Thank you, MUS, for helping to develop our well-rounded young men.
Shade Robinson, mother of Trammel Robinson '16 and Fort Robinson '13

I love MUS because it builds strong moral character in young men. The environment is friendly, and the faculty are very welcoming. The teachers are more than willing to help students in need. MUS is one of few schools with a successful honor system. The Honor System allows students to leave their backpacks in the hallways and other valuables in their lockers without locks. Students are expected to do the right thing even when they aren't being watched. But most important, MUS is a place where anyone can feel at home. There is a large variety of clubs and programs, sports and arts activities that students can choose to be a part of. MUS is great because it's more than a school. It is a community.

Josh Gray ’17

MUS provided an educational environment well suited for our son, Connor. The teachers and administrators are not only experts in their fields but serve to inspire the boys with their intellect and challenging curriculum, acting as great role models for our young men. Connor's character benefited the most from his years serving on the Honor Council, taking to heart the stringent Honor System, which all the students agree is the best attribute of MUS, one that remains with them always. Connor was encouraged to strive for excellence and take responsibility for his own actions, in academics and athletics. We could not be more gratified with the results over each of the last six years, which exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the solid foundation MUS provided for Connor, his future looks bright.
Melanie Whitson, mother of Connor Whitson '16

MUS is a unique and diverse school in both academics and extracurricular activities, but what makes MUS special to me is its faculty. The teachers at MUS are truly devoted to the success of the students and the mission of the school. They are always available for help and are more than willing to arrange a time for any student to meet with them in one-on-one sessions if they have any questions or are in need of help. Not only are the teachers fully committed to the academic success of the students but also the character and moral development of the students; every teacher at MUS follows and emphasizes the Honor Code and tries to influence and encourage the student body to do the same. Throughout my time at MUS, I have made many great friendships with my teachers and have always appreciated the time they devote to my success as well as the success of the student body and the school.

Will Tomes ’17
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