Fall Musical "1776" Runs Oct. 20-23

MUS presents 1776, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, October 20-23 in Hyde Chapel at 7 p.m. Tickets are available online HERE or at the door for $10 each for MUS students and $15 for general admission.

It's the summer of 1776, and the nation is ready to declare independence
 ... if only our founding fathers can agree to do it! A nation springs to vivid life in this most unconventional of Broadway hits, a witty, insightful, and compelling drama with a striking score and a legendary book. 1776 puts a human face on American history as we see the men behind the icons: proud, frightened, irritable, charming, often petty, and ultimately noble figures, struggling to do the right thing for a fledgling nation.

1776 follows the lives and loves of John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia as they attempt to persuade the Second Continental Congress to break the shackles of the British monarchy by signing the Declaration of Independence.

A rousing, romantic, and riotous musical, 1776 is sure to delight. Welcome to the Revolution!

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