Owls Soar in Chemist Challenge

Four eighth graders traveled with Mr. Garrett Smithson to Middle Tennessee State University Saturday, April 13, to participate in the You Be The Chemist Challenge. Aaron Barawid, Vince Boberski, Varun Krishnamurthi, and Nickolas Mathews earned a place at the competition by making the top four scores on the school placement test given in late March.
The boys toured MTSU science facilities and fueled up before heading into the competition where Barawid was knocked out in the preliminary round along with half the contestants, and Boberski fell just before the semifinals. Krishnamurthi and Mathews tied in the semifinal top four, then Krishnamurthi defeated Mathews by 1 point in a 20-question tiebreaker. Proceeding into the finals, our lone Owl tied yet again with the one remaining contestant. After a 25-question tiebreaker, Krishnamurthi secured the second-place trophy.

Pictured, from left, are Varun Krishnamurthi, Nickolas Mathews, Vince Boberski, Aaron Barawid, and Mr. Garrett Smithson.