Robotics Team Wins State Championship

Owls won the TNFIRST FTC State and Regional Championship at Middle Tennessee State University Saturday, February 8. Competing against 26 other teams, juniors Omar Alyousef, Evan Boswell, Akbar Latif, Cullen Lonergan, Jack Morin and sophomores Will Chandler and Scott Ledbetter advanced through five qualifying matches and four final rounds to take the top trophy.
FIRST “alliance” competitions require teams to partner with other schools throughout the event. A team’s alliance partners are randomly assigned as the competition begins, but in the final rounds of the tournament, the four top teams choose their allies. MUS selected TN Robotics Club (a club team from Murfreesboro) and Agathos Classical School from Columbia, TN, as their alliance partners for the championship. This winning combo beat Christian Academy of Knoxville, St. Cecilia Academy of Nashville, and the Chattanooga club team, the Crusaders. Go HERE to learn more about TNFIRST programs or FIRST robotics competitions.