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Current and future Student Council leaders remain hard at work making decisions and preparing for upcoming events. To better organize the upcoming activities and to keep everyone informed, we are launching a new Student Council Resource Board. You will be able to subscribe to announcements and see upcoming business there next week.
Spring Formal:
Your Student Council is still looking at the possibility of hosting a Spring Formal, but of course, we must follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and gatherings. We will let you know when we have updates.

Upcoming Elections:
Candidates for all student leadership positions registered for the Leadership Forum at end of February and have worked on projects and training seminars since then. They plan to host the Red and Blue Convention Friday, April 17, to narrow down the nominees to two candidates for each of the seven StuCo positions: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Commissioner of Student Athletics, Commissioner of Student Welfare, Commissioner of Special Activities, and Commissioner of Social Events. The convention will be held in a Teams Meeting hosted by Student Council Advisor Antony Eddy.

Student Council is considering hosting online election campaigns and voting for next year’s Student Council. More news on that process will come soon.

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