Festivus Festivities

The annual Latin Fall Festivus celebration kicked off on campus with Bubones competing for lauds and coveted owl bobbleheads. The MUS-only event consisted of five competitions: Certamen, the Latin quiz bowl competition; Academic Decathlon, a written test covering 10 subjects from common Latin expressions to culture and geography; Classical Meme, a contemporary twist to ancient references that would surely make any classicist chuckle; Mythology Spelling Bee; and the Catapult Contest to determine whose contraption can throw a tennis ball farther.
“We’re very pleased that so many students came out on a cold Saturday morning to participate in the 14th annual Latin Fall Festivus,” said Mr. Ryan Sellers, Latin instructor and Classical and Modern Languages Department chair. “This is the first in-person Latin competition that we’ve organized since the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s wonderful to see that COVID has not diminished the enthusiasm that our students have for the language and culture of ancient Rome.”

In addition to Sellers, event organizers included Latin instructors Mr. David Gagliano, Mrs. Marilyn Reinhardt, and Mr. Trey Suddarth, History Instructor Ted Fockler ’10, and Lower School Principal Loyal Murphy ’86.

Levels 3-5: Team of Forest Rudd, Kevin Ma, Lou Zhou, and Vincent Ores
Level 2: Team of Wills Frazer, Michael Liu, Luke Akers, and Ethan Zaptin
Level 1: Team of Jacob Hindman, Joshua Gramm, Luke Tjiong, Fletcher Taylor, and Trey McDonald

Academic Decathlon
Latin 4/5: Forest Rudd
Latin 3: Jerry Xiao
Latin 2: Rushil Komeravelli
Latin 1: Lucas Zhang

Classical Meme
Worrick Uhlhorn

Mythology Spelling Bee
Parker Blackwell

Catapult Contest
Team of Harrison Goetze and Charlie Treadwell

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