Policy on Absences from U Book

If a student is to get the most from his experience at MUS, he must attend class. Unexcused absences are major disciplinary offenses. A student may not participate in athletic practices, games, theater or music performances, or rehearsals if he has been absent during the course of the day. The principal determines any exception to this rule. Lower School adds an additional demerit penalty for any unexcused absence or tardiness. The policies are:
Planned Absences. A student who knows in advance that he will be absent from a class is expected to notify the office and his teachers. He should complete the Excused Absence Request Form and turn it in to Mrs. Cassie Hutto in the Upper School Office or Mrs. Julia DeBardeleben in the Lower School Office two days prior to the date of the absence. Failure to complete the form can result in no academic credit issued for a student’s missed assignments. It is in the student’s best interest to complete the missed work in advance.

Unplanned Absences.
When a student is absent due to illness or emergency, his parents should notify cassie.hutto@musowls.org in the Upper School Office or julia.debardeleben@musowls.org in the Lower School Office by 8:30 a.m. explaining the reason for his absence. The student should obtain his assignments from the school website or a classmate, prepare these assignments, and appear in class with all assignments on the day that he returns to school. The school will make reasonable accommodations in cases of illness.