Lower School Lacrosse Updates

 Upcoming Dates:
Saturday, Jan 27th:        Voluntary Session with Coaches and Select Varsity Players
  2:30-4:00 PM              Learning How to Practice on the Wall, Warm Up, and Drills to Get Ready for the Season
Location:  Gearhardt Field (The Wall)
Friday, Feb 2nd:            MUS Lower School Lacrosse Parent’s Meeting/Party
  6:30 PM                       Location:  Jack & Cindy Straton’s House – 6530 Green Shadow Lane, Memphis, 38119
** Join us for drinks and dinner as we discuss the upcoming season.  No players are to attend - only for the parents and coaches.  We will start the discussion portion around 7:00 pm.
Saturday, Feb 3rd:          MUS Lower School Lacrosse Assessments
  2-4:30 PM                  Location:  Hull-Dobbs Field
  1. Mile Time
  2. Pushups in 1 minute
  3. Wall Ball Assessment (Left, Right, and Split) – 30 sec each
  4. Shuttle Run
  5. Box Run
  6. Basic Stick Work Assessment
  7. Shot Speed (Left, Right)
  8. Offense and Defensive Communication Written Test  (Information to be sent later)
Let me know if you have any questions.