14 Nominations for “Man of La Mancha”

Cast and crew of Man of La Mancha have received 14 nominations in the 2017 Orpheum High School Musical Theatre Awards, a participant in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards. Modeled after the Tony Awards, the Orpheum awards ceremony will be held Thursday, May 25, at 7 p.m.
  • Outstanding Chorus
  • Outstanding Large Ensemble
  • Outstanding Costumes
  • Outstanding Set
  • Outstanding Lighting
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement
  • Outstanding Musical Direction: Mr. Josh Quinn
  • Outstanding Featured Actress: Lucy Nassif as Fermina
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress: Emma Nair as Housekeeper
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor: Matthew Horton as Padre, Stan Smythe as Dr. Carrasco
  • Outstanding Lead Actor: Brooks Eikner as Don Quixote
  • Outstanding Director by a Teacher: Mr. Flip Eikner ’77
  • Outstanding Overall Production