Rhodes College President Speaks on Integrity

We were delighted to welcome Rhodes College President Dr. Marjorie Hass to campus as our guest speaker on Friday. Hass noted an important commonality between MUS and Rhodes – the commitment to an honor code – and spoke to students in assembly about the concepts of honor and integrity in light of recent news stories about sexual harassment.
“We’re in the midst of a cultural re-understanding of what a righteous man brings to the table,” Hass said. “You’re hearing news stories of men who’ve failed to act with honor or integrity ... who’ve used professional power to humiliate or coerce their female colleagues … [and] failures of those around them, who knew about the behavior but never spoke up, who laughed at a sexist joke, or made excuses for a boss. They too failed to live with integrity.”
Drawing on her Jewish faith and lessons from the Torah, she encouraged students to find courage within themselves to be a voice for righteousness.
“You are fortunate to be part of a school that takes you and your moral growth seriously, that wants you to become good men,” she said. “Men who not only say no to what is wrong, but who say yes, enthusiastically and with all of your being, to what is right. Men of integrity. Heroes in the service of justice. The world desperately needs that.”