Cum Laude Inducts 20 Members

Twenty MUS juniors and seniors were inducted into the Cum Laude Society, an organization modeled on Phi Beta Kappa that represents the highest academic honor students in a secondary school can achieve. 
Science Department Chair Analice Sowell, guest speaker at today’s ceremony, spoke about improvements in our lives due to science, and the importance of students becoming “scientifically literate citizens,” whether or not they pursue a career in a scientific field. Cum Laude Chapter Advisor Lin Askew, the Sue Hightower Hyde Chair of English, used Huck Finn as an example of a scientist – an empiricist with a sound heart – and said, “Science and the arts go hand-in-hand in the development of the young men whom we honor today.” Outlining the Cum Laude values of excellence, justice, and honor, he commended the students for their outstanding achievements and the ways in which they’ve displayed these characteristics.
Headmaster Pete Sanders also recognized the honorees for living up to the Cum Laude ideals. 
“You have demonstrated mastery of the academic life of this school where much is asked of you … as Cum Laude members, you have led the way.”
New members are juniors James Blatchford, Ethan Hurst, Ethan Lam, John Mann, Ev Nichol, William Quinlen, Sellers Shy, Zuhair Somjee, Jet Tan, Loyd Templeton; and seniors Josiah Crutchfield, William Dellinger, Ryan Gorman, William Miller, Tyler Rakers, Rick Reinhard, Jon Staffel, Leon Vo, Jacob Webb, and Mason Williams.
Current members inducted last year are seniors Charlie Evans, Benjamin Freeman, Jackson Howell, Jeremy Jacobs, Liam Kaltenborn, Bradley Kerkhof, Barry Klug, Jackson Moody, Matthew Temple, Bobby Wade, and Chang Yu.