Our People

Our Faculty
Our expert teachers and coaches are passionate about their fields and dedicated to their craft. Within a community rooted in honor and integrity, our faculty members know how to provide the support, structure, and challenge boys need to thrive. And they do thrive. Young men who join the MUS family receive a world-class education and join a lifelong network of successful alumni.
Our Board
Our distinguished and accomplished trustees bring expertise from wide-ranging fields to bear on their work for the school. They all share a common trait: a dedication to the MUS mission. 

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Board of Trustees

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Main Number
: (901) 260-1300
Upper School: (901) 260-1320
Lower School: (901) 260-1360

List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Peter Sanders

    Pete Sanders 

    Headmaster, History Instructor
    (901) 260-1310
  • Photo of Joseph Abrahams

    Joe Abrahams 

    Counseling Dir.
    (901) 260-1408
  • Photo of Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown 

    Security Dir.
    (901) 260-1311
  • Photo of Elizabeth Copeland

    Liz Copeland 

    Communications Dir.
    (901) 260-1357
  • Photo of Lewis Humphreys

    McKee Humphreys 

    Asst. Headmaster, History Instructor
    (901) 260-1391
  • Photo of Loyal Murphy

    Loyal Murphy 

    Principal Lower School, Math Instructor
    (901) 260-1383
  • Photo of William Ray

    Barry Ray 

    Asst. Headmaster, Principal Upper School, History Instructor
    (901) 260-1323
  • Photo of Justin Towner

    Buck Towner 

    Admissions Dir.
    (901) 260-1384
  • Photo of Michele Cacioppo

    Michele Cacioppo 

    Headmaster/Business Office Administrative Asst.
    (901) 260-1310