Our academic program is divided into Lower School (Grades 6-8) and Upper School (Grades 9-12). The year is divided into two semesters, and each student is required to take five credit courses each semester.

The academic program is oriented toward college preparation and provides opportunities that are acceptable for entrance into any college in the United States. Intensive alternatives are available in the accelerated and Advanced Placement courses, which are offered in a number of disciplines. The AP program is offered starting in Grade 10. Upon completion of an AP course and making the required score on the AP exam, a student may apply for credit and/or advanced placement in the college or university that he will attend.

Only credits awarded in Grades 9-12 count toward graduation requirements. (Exception: A first-year language course taken in Grade 8 can be used to fulfill the Language requirement.)

Even though not considered in calculating graduation credits, selected MUS Lower School courses (Latin I and some math courses) may be included on the transcript to acknowledge their successful completion.

Note: Only courses taken at MUS in Grades 9-12 are included in the cumulative GPA.

4 credits English
4 credits Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and at least 1 higher math; at least 3 post-Algebra I courses during Grades 9-12)
3 credits Classical and Modern Languages (three years of the same language in Grades 8-12)
3 credits Science (Biology and Chemistry, plus Physics or 1 additional science credit)
3 credits History (1 1/2 credits United States, 1 credit European, and 1/2 credit history elective)
1 credit Art
1 credit Religion (1/2 credit New Testament; 1/2 credit Comparative Religions)
0 credit Elective *
1 credit Physical Education **
Total: 20 credits

*Note: An additional elective credit is needed if a required math course (e.g., Algebra I or Geometry) is completed before Grade 9.

**Students in Grade 10 take one semester of Wellness one day per week and one semester of Computer Applications one day per week.