Welcome, Class of 2031!

Our inaugural sixth-grade class is joining the MUS campus in Fall 2024. 

We are thrilled for this tremendous opportunity to provide an earlier entry point to the MUS experience.

As we expand our community to welcome rising sixth-grade families, we recognize this opportunity must be met with intentionality. To appropriately scale our systems, curriculum, and extracurricular programs, we will accept a limited number of students for an introductory sixth-grade class.

The MUS sixth-grade experience will combine a traditional curriculum - including math, science, language arts, reading, history, arts, technology, and PE - with a focus on executive functioning, study skills, and character-building. Sixth graders will also have special events and clubs where they will participate as a class but also as an integral part of the Lower School.

For our inaugural sixth-grade class in fall 2024, we will accept a limited number of students. Once the class is filled, additional accepted applicants will be placed in a wait pool and invited to join our seventh grade in fall 2025.


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  • Arts and Technology

    Sixth grade is a tremendous opportunity for exposure to different forms of artistic expression. Students will participate in visual arts, drama, speech, and music over the course of the year to explore creative outlets that best suit them moving forward in their MUS careers. 

    Sixth-grade technology training will provide new outlets for presenting material, and students’ enhanced skills in collecting data and research will be beneficial in other subject areas.
  • History

    Sixth-grade history will be a semester-long course focused primarily on understanding the history of the city of Memphis. Students will learn how to view history through multiple perspectives as they learn about our fascinating and important local history.

    Field trips, projects, and collaboration with other subjects will play a vital role in this course.

    Students will develop skills in note taking, maps, and geography; projects (both individual and group) to reinforce learning; and reading comprehension of both primary documents and secondary historical narratives.

    Writing and research skills will include learning about both online and library resources.
  • Language Arts

    The foundation of fundamental grammar concepts is a key element in the academic career of an MUS student. In the sixth grade, emphasis will be placed on parts of speech (preliminary form and function), sentence and paragraph structure, sentence types, clause and phrase recognition, and essay writing in various forms.

    The direct instruction of grammar, usage, and mechanics will be paired with the skills and practice necessary for written expression in multiple contexts.

    Sixth graders will be challenged to write with increased complexity in theme, vocabulary, analysis, and technique. This pairing of grammar and writing is an important process that helps students read and write effectively and with authenticity and confidence.

    There will be a close collaboration between the sixth-grade Language Arts and Reading courses.
  • Math

    Sixth-grade math will equip students with the skills and conceptual understanding necessary to master arithmetic, the foundation on which all other mathematics is built.

    Students will actively engage with numbers by focusing on proportional reasoning, statistics, data analysis, probability, and problem solving while developing algebraic thinking.

    Student-produced computation will be emphasized, and calculator usage will be firmly restricted.

    Sixth-grade students entering MUS who have already attained a mastery of arithmetic will be given the opportunity to join our accelerated mathematics program at the Pre-Algebra level. To qualify, entering students must sit for placement tests and show exceptional ability at their course level on these tests. 
  • Reading

    Students will read different texts and genres while identifying relevant themes using supporting evidence. This will include deeper analyses of characters and points of view.

    Vocabulary with emphasis on context, the identification and application of figurative language, and comprehension strategies will be significant areas of focus.

    Class discussions and presentations will provide the boys with opportunities for active engagement, collaboration, and creativity.

    There will be specific emphasis on the reading of nonfiction texts to prepare students to read, write, and research across all subjects.
  • Science

    This semester-long introductory course will provide exposure to earth, life, and physical science through hands-on experiences that promote critical thinking and problem solving.

    The experiential approach will prepare students for success in their coursework at MUS by developing key foundational skills such as the scientific method, data analysis, lab procedure, and the engineering design cycle.
  • The Schedule

    7 Period Rotations:
    • Math
    • Language Arts
    • Reading
    • Science and History
    • PE
    • Arts and Technology
    • Study Hall, Skills, and Flex time


Sports opportunities will be plentiful, both on league and recreational teams.

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  • Fall

    Cross CountryOpenGrades 6-8 (one team)
    FootballCoach approvalTo be determined
    GolfCoach approvalGrades 6-8 (one team)
    TennisCoach approval(three teams)
  • Winter

    BasketballOpenGrade 6
    (Recreational league)
    Coach approval
    Grade 6
    (Shelby league, per interest)
    SwimmingOpenGrades 6-8 (one team)
    WrestlingOpenGrades 6-8 (one team)
  • Spring

    BaseballOpenTeam setup TBD
    GolfCoach approvalGrades 6-8 (one team)
    LacrosseOpenGrades 6-7 (one team)
    SoccerCoach approvalPer interest
    TrackOpenGrades 6-8 (one team)
  • All Year

    FencingOpenGrades 6-12 (one team)

Next Steps

We encourage you to get in touch to further explore the value of the MUS experience.

We offer financial aid based on several household factors. One-third of our families take advantage of this confidential program, which makes the invaluable MUS education accessible to more boys.

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