At Memphis University School, the athletic program serves as a means to support and realize the mission of the school. As an extension of the classroom, athletics allow students to compete, to achieve goals, to become well-rounded young men of strong moral character, consistent with the school’s Christian tradition. 

Athletics provide an opportunity to practice the principles of life, such as subjecting one’s self to authority, working together as members of a team, and controlling the emotions that arise in competition. Athletic competition offers an arena for the demonstration of our commitment to excellence and our desire to succeed through individual, team, and program goals. Winning is of great importance to the program; thus, the goal is to have everyone give his best so that winning is possible. However, the student-athlete and coach should realize that there are two victories — the moral and the physical — and the program must not sacrifice the moral victory to gain a physical victory. The goal should be to attain the moral victory at each practice and competition. The physical victory should be the next goal, and its meaning is made valid through the moral victory.

Coaches, teachers, and administrators are the role models for student-athletes. A coach should always be enthusiastic and prepared for each day’s practice and have a schedule of events to help all student-athletes reach their potential. A coach should be the leader in exercising self-control and displaying leadership.

A student-athlete has a responsibility to maintain high standards of personal integrity, leadership, and athletic accomplishment. These qualities are difficult to maintain unless the athlete accepts his leadership responsibility and constantly portrays those high standards. An athlete is looked upon as a leader by the school community and is constantly observed. A student-athlete may often feel pressure to perform for friends and family, but this motivation will not enhance an athletic program. A student-athlete should develop an inner desire to reach his fullest potential. The goal and motivation must be for each athlete to perform at his personal best to help the team achieve its goals.

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  • Photo of Thaddeus McCracken

    Thad McCracken 

    Athletic Director
    (901) 260-1372
    Hanover College - BS
    Eastern Kentucky University - MS
  • Photo of David Ferebee

    Dave Ferebee 

    PE Dept. Chair, Athletics Asst. Dir., Athletics Trainer. Bowling Coach
    (901) 260-1377
    University of Memphis - MS
    Ohio State University - BS
  • Photo of Dax Torrey

    Dax Torrey 

    English Instructor, Sports Media Info. Dir.
    (901) 260-1414
    University of Memphis - MA
    Vanderbilt University - BA
  • Photo of Katherine Upchurch

    Katie Upchurch 

    Athletics Trainer, Sports Medicine Coordinator
    (901) 260-1378
    University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - MS
    University of Memphis - BSEd
  • Photo of Christopher Wadsworth

    Chris Wadsworth 

    Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Program Supervisor
    (901) 504-3426
    University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - BS
  • Photo of Beth Taylor

    Beth Taylor 

    Athletics Administrative Asst.
    (901) 260-1309
    University of Mississippi - BA