Photography, Media

Sports Photography

Gerald Gallik Photography provides the majority of our game/match photography.

Follow this link to view a portfolio of MUS events by sport or to purchase photos. You may email Gerald by clicking this link, or you may contact him at:

Gerald Gallik Photography
4163 Rainey Woods Dr.
Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 624-7639

Sports Photo Gallery by Event

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List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Beth Taylor

    Beth Taylor 

    Athletics Administrative Asst.
    (901) 260-1309
  • Photo of Dax Torrey

    Dax Torrey 

    English Instructor, Sports Media Info. Dir.
    (901) 260-1414
  • Photo of Elizabeth Copeland

    Liz Copeland 

    Communications Dir.
    (901) 260-1357
  • Photo of Rebecca Greer

    Rebecca Greer 

    Communications Asst. Dir./Webmaster
    (901) 260-1348
  • Photo of Jonah Jordan

    Jonah Jordan 

    Communications Specialist
    (901) 260-1416

Communication, Media Requests

All media requests, including campus photography, videos, or student, faculty, or staff interviews must be sent to the director of communications at (901) 260-1357. Photographers, videographers, and media personnel must be accompanied by a member of the Communications Office.