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    Communication, Media Requests

    All media requests, including campus photography, videos, or student, faculty, or staff interviews must be sent to the director of communications at (901) 260-1357. Photographers, videographers, and media personnel must be accompanied by a member of the Communications Office.


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    • Alumni Magazine

      MUS Today, the school alumni magazine, includes feature alumni profiles, faculty and board accolades, and class news.

      Please click HERE to view our full digital archive of back issues.
    • Student and Parent Magazine

      Inside MUS, published three times a year, covers current school, student, and faculty news.

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    • Annual Report

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    • Community Impact Report

      Founded in 1893, MUS has remained steadfast in its primary mission – developing well-rounded young men of strong moral character. The school positively impacts the city through strategic partnerships, economic contributions, community service initiatives, and alumni endeavors.
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    School Policies

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    • Emergencies, Weather Closings

      During adverse weather conditions, administrators monitor the situation and decide when the school will close or follow abbreviated hours. The decision is posted on the school’s website and social media as soon as it is made, so please do not call or message school officials or administrative offices.

      The school also calls, emails, and texts families during school emergencies and closings. These emergency notifications are called Owls Alerts. For us to contact you, we need accurate contact information and your permission to text you.

      If you need to update your contact information, go to the Profile Update page of our website. You must also text "YES" to 87569 to allow us to text you.

      The school responds to severe weather and other emergencies with a practiced procedure of securing students as quickly and as safely as possible in the most secure environment that the facilities offer.

      In any real emergency, students are not to leave campus without permission from the administration. Buildings are safer than vehicles during these events, and the driving lanes on campus must be as free as possible for emergency vehicles or for the orderly dismissal from school once conditions improve according to the National Weather Service.

      Throughout the year, the school holds emergency training sessions and drills. Manuals are posted in each classroom providing emergency contact information and procedures for emergencies.

      The MUS Safety Team meets throughout the year to update emergency procedures, to schedule faculty and staff training, and to schedule school drills.
    • School Handbook

      The MUS U Book is a comprehensive annual handbook of policies and contact information. It is provided to current MUS families, and may not be used for solicitation or commercial purpose. For confidentiality reasons only policies are provided here.
    • Social Media/School Identity Policy

      This document briefly outlines school policy about social media, use of school identity, and publishing guidelines. Contact the Communications Office with any questions.


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    • "U" Marks the Spot

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    • Photo of Elizabeth Copeland

      Liz Copeland 

      Communications Dir.
      (901) 260-1357
    • Photo of Rebecca Greer

      Rebecca Greer 

      Communications Asst. Dir./Webmaster
      (901) 260-1348
    • Photo of Jonah Jordan

      Jonah Jordan 

      Communications Specialist
      (901) 260-1416
    • Photo of Kaitlan Koehler

      Kaitlan Koehler 

      Graphic Designer
      (901) 260-1354