The goal of the Safe Home Pledge is to encourage communication throughout the community and to provide students an environment in which they are comfortable abstaining from illegal drug and alcohol consumption. The school’s expectation is that all MUS parents will support the following pledge:

Safe Home Pledge
As a parent of an MUS student, I agree to support the following general guidelines which have been affirmed by MUS and the MUS Parents’ Association concerning out-of-school activities:

  • There will be adult chaperones present and visible when I have a student-attended party in my house or on my property.
  • No students will be allowed to use tobacco products or to consume alcohol or other drugs while a guest in my home or under my chaperonage.
  • I understand that I am encouraged to call other parents and to welcome calls from other parents concerning out-of-school social events in which our children are involved. I agree to keep these calls confidential if I am asked by another parent to do so.
  • I understand that I am encouraged to communicate with another parent if I have information that his or her child is participating in dangerous or unhealthful practices. I agree to keep these calls confidential if I am asked to do so.
  • I agree to make plans for adequate chaperonage of my children if I am to be away from home.
  • I understand that my name will be removed from the listing if I do not uphold my pledge.
Parents make this pledge on the Safe Home Resource Board under Resources when they are logged in to this website.