Sports Medicine

General Overview
The purpose of the athletic training and physical conditioning programs is to allow our athletes to compete safely, and at the highest possible level. By doing so, the programs align with the philosophy of the MUS Athletic Department.

Every student has access to the team coaches, athletic training staff, and strength coaches. When a student joins a sports team, he is under the supervision of that sport’s head coach and assistant coaches. The head coach oversees every aspect of their athletes’ preparation for competition. This includes the team practice plan, physical conditioning regimen, and communicating with the athletic training staff regarding injury status, treatment, and rehabilitation plans for injured athletes. To ensure that the coaching and athletic training staffs can do their jobs effectively, it is the responsibility of the athlete (or parent, if necessary) to communicate with coaches and athletic trainers regarding the following:

  • Immediately report injuries to a member of the athletic training staff, whether the injury is sport-related or not. Timely reporting helps athletic training staff provide the best direction and plan rehabilitation. This plan includes initial evaluation and treatment, as well as communication with parents, especially if the assessment of the injury indicates the necessity of a referral to a physician.
  • Communicate with coaches regarding non-MUS conditioning programs. Physical training programs are purposely designed to incorporate a specific schedule of training. Rest and recovery are crucial to this training schedule. If an athlete is training with his MUS team, coupled with training elsewhere, there is a strong potential for overtraining, which can lead to fatigue and overuse injuries, resulting in less than optimal sport performance.
  • Provide advanced notice of missed practices, games, or treatment and rehab sessions.

Medical Records:

MUS manages student medical information with an online system called Magnus Health SMR. Parents have continuous access to these records and can make updates when needed. Current Upper School parents can access their children's information by logging in to the school website, clicking Resources, and selecting the Health Records/Magnus Link tile.

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Meet the Team:

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  • Photo of Christopher Wadsworth

    Chris Wadsworth 

    Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Program Supervisor
    (901) 504-3426
    University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - BS
  • Photo of David Ferebee

    Dave Ferebee 

    PE Dept. Chair, Athletics Asst. Dir., Athletics Trainer. Bowling Coach
    (901) 260-1377
    University of Memphis - MS
    Ohio State University - BS
  • Photo of Katherine Upchurch

    Katie Upchurch 

    Athletics Trainer, Sports Medicine Coordinator
    (901) 260-1378
    University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - MS
    University of Memphis - BSEd