Owl Camp

What is Owl Camp?

Owl Camp is a fun and memorable overnight orientation that introduces boys to one another while serving as a stepping-stone into seventh grade.

Since seventh graders matriculate to MUS from about 25 schools, we provide activities that help orient them to one another and to their new school. We call it Owl Camp. As the centerpiece of this process, we head for the Arkansas Ozark Mountain Region for an overnight stay at Camp Bear Track in Drasco, AR.

An unparalleled opportunity for team-building and familiarization, the overnight experience offers time away from things familiar and a setting where boys learn to rely upon one another in a safe, dynamic environment. We sleep in open-air cabins, and we eat and drink a lot all day long. It’s a lot of fun!

The top-notch Camp Bear Track staff is caring and professional. In addition, faculty and administration members are present along with a minimum of 16 MUS upperclassmen. The older students serve as mentors for the seventh graders, under our direct supervision.

We expect the boys to treat one another with respect and to be on their best behavior while riding on the bus and during our stay. If a discipline issue should arise, parents of involved students would be required to pick up their children.

Owl Camp Contacts:

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  • Photo of Ross Spain

    Ross Spain 

    Asst. Principal Lower School, Admissions Associate
    (901) 260-1384
    University of Memphis - BS
  • Photo of Edward Fockler

    Ted Fockler 10

    History Instructor, Summer Prgms. Dir., Theater Asst. Dir., Soccer Coach
    (901) 260-1427
    Boston College - MA
    Boston College - BA
  • Photo of Katherine Cook

    Kathy Cook 

    Administrative Asst. Lower School
    (901) 260-1364
    University of Memphis - BBA