Arts Overview

Every student here has the opportunity to grow in aesthetic and cultural understanding while creatively communicating his image of himself and his world, through music, art, and live performance. 

We stage a minimum of two major theater productions, two choral/band concerts, and two orchestra concerts annually in which students showcase their developing talents for the community. Students at MUS can get hands-on experience composing and performing music, sculpting, painting, taking photos, and printmaking; and building sets and taking the stage.

Archive Gallery

List of 15 members.

  • Photo of James Burke

    Grant Burke 

    Arts Department Chair, Art Instructor
    (901) 260-1401
  • Photo of Laura Beck

    Laura Beck 

    Art Instructor
    (901) 260-1431
  • Photo of Raina Burditt

    Raina Burditt 

    Art/Technology Instructor
    (901) 260-1321
  • Photo of Christopher Carter

    Chris Carter 

    Music Instructor
    (901) 260-1367
  • Photo of Christopher Colbeck

    Chris Colbeck 

    English/Music Instructor, Lacrosse Coach
    (901) 260-1437
  • Photo of Michelle Crews

    Michelle Crews 

    English/Music Instructor
    (901) 260-1336
  • Photo of Edward Fockler

    Ted Fockler 

    History Instructor, Summer Programs Direct., Theater AD, Soccer Coach
    (901) 260-1427
  • Photo of Robert Fudge

    Robert Fudge 

    Art Instructor, Technical Theater Director
    (901) 260-1430
  • Photo of Timothy Greer

    Tim Greer 

    English/Speech Instructor, Theater Director
    (901) 260-1334
  • Photo of Stephen Hildreth

    Stephen Hildreth 

    Film Instructor
  • Photo of Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones 

    History Department Chair, History/Art Instructor
    (901) 260-1438
  • Photo of Christopher Piecuch

    Chris Piecuch 

    Instrumental Music Instructor
  • Photo of Jonathan Saunders

    Jonathan Saunders 

    Assistant Director IT, Computer Science/Music Instructor
    (901) 260-1300
  • Photo of Ann Trammell

    Kim Trammell 

    Music Instructor
  • Photo of Matthew Tutor

    Matt Tutor 

    Director of Music
    (901) 260-1382

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