Alumni Awards

The Alumnus of the Year Award is given to an MUS alumnus who exemplifies community leadership and personal integrity, personifying the school’s guiding principle of developing well-rounded men of strong moral character.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an MUS alumnus who serves the school throughout the year in a significant and needed way, financially or with his time, seeking out opportunities to promote the interests of the school.

At the 2018 Alumni Executive Board luncheon in September, Edward Felsenthal '84 was honored as Alumnus of the Year and Rick Moore '63 as Volunteer of the Year. See the video here.

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  • Previous Award Recipients

    Alumnus of the YearVolunteer of the Year
    '17-'18David Montague ’82
    '16-'17Chuck Smith ’66
    ’15-'16Steve Morrow ’71
    ’14-'15John Pettey ’67
    ’13-'14Bob Loeb ’73
    ’12-’13Billy Orgel ’81
    ’11-’12Peter Schutt ’68
    ’10-’11David Sacks ’90
    ’09-’10Fred Smith ’62
    ’08-’09Rusty Bloodworth ’63
    ’07-’08Trow Gillespie ’65
    ’06-’07Kent Wunderlich ’66
    ’05-’06Ben Adams ’74
    ’04-’05Allen Morgan ’60
    ’03-’04Hampton Sides ’80
    ’02-’03Pitt Hyde ’61,
    Andy Cates ’89,
    Staley Cates ’82 
    ’01-’02Met Crump ’60
    ’00-’01Bruce Ryan ’80
    ’99-’00Steve Carpenter ’83
    '17-'18Harry Sayle ’92
    '16-'17Trevor Benitone ’91
    ’15-'16Jeffrey Block ’94
    ’14-'15Jonny Ballinger ’87
    ’13-’14Cleo Stevenson ’68
    ’12-’13Ben Clanton ’94
    ’11-’12Steve Bledsoe ’70,
    Bruce Moore ’77
    ’10-’11Hank Hill ’66
    ’09-’10Alex Wellford ’60
    ’08-’09Jim Varner ’73
    ’07-’08Kevin Parker ’84,
    Paul Reaves ’84
    ’06-’07Owen Tabor ’85
    ’05-’06Bobby Wade ’84
    ’04-’05David Montague ’82
    ’03-’04Judd Peters ’81
    ’02-’03Trow Gillespie ’65
    ’01-’02Clay Smythe ’85
    ’00-’01Jim Burnett ’83,
    Craig Christenbury ’83,
    Drew Harris ’83
    ’99-’00Marc MacMillan ’92

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