Alumni Leadership

The Alumni Executive Board keeps alumni informed and involved in the happenings at MUS. Its purpose is to promote and support MUS, to deepen the loyalty of the alumni, and to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship between the school and alumni. Members of the board are involved through their work on five committees: social, civic, athletics, admissions, and nominations. 

The Alumni Executive Board vice president serves as the chair of the nominating committee and conducts business on behalf of the president in his absence.

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  • Alumni Executive Board 2023-24

    Horace L. Carter '89, President

    Scott S. Adams ’02
    B. Galloway Allbright IV ’98
    Jeremy G. Alpert ’91
    William F. Bailey, Jr. ’96
    W. Preston Battle IV ’07
    Brandon A. Byrd ’07
    Albert B. Carruthers II ’78
    George R. Coors II ’09
    John T. Crews III ’13
    W. Calvin Edge III ’14
    Thomas M. Garrott V ’15
    James S. Gilliland, Jr. ’89 
    Jordan W. Hays ’18
    Robert G. Heard III ’76
    Kristopher C. Horne ’92
    P. Graham Jones ’09
    Lucius D. Jordan III ’83
    Edward D. Lake ’13
    William T. Levy, Sr. ’99
    W. Neely Mallory IV ’07
    Jay P. McDonald, Jr. ’00
    Gregory P. McGowan ’86 
    E. Alston Meeks, Jr. ’99
    James E. Sexton III ’14
    J. McCown Smith, Jr. ’98
    George J. Sousoulas ’78
    George V. Steffens IV ’98
    William H. Stokes ’09
    Reid W. Wesson ’06
Class Representatives serve as direct links between MUS alumni and the school. The reps are responsible for providing leadership and general direction for their class campaigns and reunions. Primary responsibilities include recruiting a phonathon committee, corresponding with the class, and collecting news and photos on classmates for the Alumni Office and MUS Today. If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative, or helping in any way, please contact the Alumni Office.

Advancement Team:

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  • Photo of Perry Dement

    Perry Dement 

    Assistant Head for Advancement
    (901) 260-1353
    Georgetown University
    Rhodes College - BA
  • Photo of Harvey Kay

    Harvey Kay 01

    Annual Fund Dir.
    (901) 260-1356
    University of Memphis - BA
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville - BA
  • Photo of Ann Laughlin

    Ann Laughlin 

    Alumni & Parent Programs Dir.
    (901) 260-1398
    University of Mississippi - BA
  • Photo of David Willson

    David Willson 99

    Basketball Head Coach, Annual Fund Asst. Dir.
    (901) 504-3260
    Hampden-Sydney College - BA
    Southern Methodist University - Non-Graduate
  • Photo of Griffen Walden

    Griffen Walden 17

    Annual Fund/Alumni Programs Asst. Dir.
    (901) 260-1412
    University of Arkansas - BA
    University of Arkansas - MA
  • Photo of Jean Saunders

    Jean Saunders 

    Advancement Services Manager
    (901) 260-1358
    Harding University - BA
    Harding School of Theology
  • Photo of Stephen Hickman

    Steve Hickman 76

    Alumni Engagement Officer
    (901) 329-4005
    Johns Hopkins University - MS
    Brenau University - MEd
    George Mason University - JD
    Loyola University - BS
  • Photo of Kimberly Weiss

    Kim Weiss 

    Campaign Coordinator
    (901) 587-9496
    University of Georgia - BS