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    • Honoring Our Veterans

A Gift from the Class of 2010

For our class gift, we chose to honor the gentlemen who have made a commitment to this country and, in turn, to us, with a commemorative plaque and online Roll of Veterans.

At Memphis University School, we are taught to be mindful of the school’s traditions and those who have come before us. As a class, we want to leave a mark on campus that not only represents our dedication to MUS, but also honors the dedication and service of our fellow alumni.

MUS alumni are known for their leadership roles in their communities, and we honor those alumni who have made a global impact with their selfless service. It is our hope that the current list of veterans will grow to include all alumni who have served our country.

We extend an invitation to everyone in the MUS community to visit the plaque at the base of the flagpole in the west parking lot on campus.

Alumnus veteran information may be sent to us HERE.

Alumni Veteran Committee

Mission Statement
The Memphis University School Alumni Veterans Committee serves as a resource for the school community to provide education, awareness, and inspiration regarding military service and veteran causes, which are inherently aligned with the mission of MUS and its focus on excellence, service, leadership, and moral character.
In this inaugural year, we plan to incorporate a Veterans Week, rather than only acknowledging Veterans Day. Both Wednesday and Friday chapel programs that week will be geared toward veterans, and a military color guard will conduct a flag-raising ceremony. The student-led Civic Service Organization has agreed to plan a service project for that week geared toward veterans. More to come!

Chapel 11.08.23

Roll of Veterans

List of 13 items.

  • 1890-99

    Zenas Estes1895
    Owen Albright1897
    Herbert Taylor      1898
  • 1900-09

    George Pegram1901
    Eugene Andrews1903
    Henry Buckingham1903
    John Latham1903
    Benjamin Lombard1903
    Lois Bejach1904
    Ernest Gunther 1906
  • 1910-19

    Dudley Dunn1910
    William Graves1912
    Charlton Hall1912
    Dick Busby1913
    Lloyd Reilly1913
    John Withers1913
    Paul Rhodes1914
    Gordon Trask1914
    Fred Boehm1916
    Samuel Raines1917
    Jack Goltman1918
    Leo Vaccaro1919
  • 1920-29

    Benjamin Goodman1920
    Bruce Boggan1923
    Andrew Holmes1923
    Fred Boehme1926
    Billy Condon1928
    John M. Grider1928
    Roy Wenzler1929
  • 1930-39

    Charles M. Crump1930
    George W. Grider1931
    Richard Oakley1931
    George Williss1931
    Frederick Jacobs1932
    Tate Dawkins1933
    Beverly Miller1934
    Major McWilliams1935
    William Moody1935
    Martin Lichterman1936
    Hubert Turley1936
    Prentiss S. Leffler1939
  • 1940-49

    (No reported veterans)
  • 1950-59

    Claude Crawford1958
    John Evans1958
    Kerry Patteson1958
    Fowler Cooper1959
    Goodloe Early1959
    Howard Ellis1959
    Bob Metcalf1959
    Fritz Schas1959
  • 1960-69

    Richard Brumfield1960
    Met Crump1960
    Robert Dillard1960
    George Edwards1960
    Ned Laughlin1960
    Kent Ingram1960
    Carlisle Page 1960
    C.D. Smith1960
    Pepper Allen1961
    Jeb Blount1961
    Hammond Cole1961
    Dee Gibson1961
    Pitt Hyde1961
    Jim Madison1961
    Michael McTighe1961
    Henry Morgan1961
    Arthur Seelbinder1961
    Bob Manker1962
    Carlton Smith1962
    Fred Smith1962
    John Canale1963
    Bob Crump1963
    Robert W. Graham1963
    Ross Livermore1963
    Fred Saliba1963
    Harvey Sanders1963
    John Willey1963
    Robert Hunt1964
    Bill Ross1964
    Howard Tayloe1964
    John Twist1964
    Percy Galbreath1965
    Bob Heller1965
    Ricky Lovitt1965
    George Malone1965
    Don McClure1965
    Steve Minkin1965
    Bert Johnston1966
    Spencer Parker1966
    Robert Sayle1966
    Harold Walker1966
    Hugh Bosworth1967
    McClain Gordon1967
    Lance Minor1967
    Bob Parrish 1967
    Hugh Sprunt  1967
    Walter Sprunt1967
    Rusty Walton1967
    Walter Wills1967
    Bayard Snowden1968
    Frank Yates1968
  • 1970-79

    Snowden Todd1970
    Jud Whitlock1970
    Mark Schandorff   1971
    Mike Webster1971
    Harvey Kay1975
    David Malone    1975
    Arthur Oliver1975
    Cage Carruthers1976
    John Gowdy1977
    Bruce Moore1977
    John Outlan1977
    Chris Clark1978
    Howard Nease1978
    Skip Pridgen1978
    Thomas Zadick1978
    Allen Landers1979
    Terry McGowan1979
    Greg Pehlman1979
    Howard Rhodes1979
    Rush Waller1979
  • 1980-89

    Ace Coleman1980
    Mel Payne1980
    John Carter1981
    David Galloway1982
    Stephen Galloway1982
    Michael Howard1982
    Dave McGowan1982
    Scott King1983
    David Moore1983
    Bill Sorrells1983
    Bill Cole1984
    William Wadsworth1985
    Sterritt Armstrong1986
    Jim Cole1986
    Pearce Hammond1986
    Andy McArtor1986
    Ted Miller1986
    Mike Patterson1986
    John Shin1986
    David Evans1987
    Tom Flanagan1987
    Toby Sernel1987
    Will Stratton1988
    Rob Edwards1989
    Jay Galyean1989
    Pat Hopper1989
  • 1990-99

    Will Gotten1990
    Sean McNeill   1990
    Trevor Benitone1991
    Jay Heath   1993
    Jamie Zanella1995
    Rob Bell1996
    Matthew Cady1997
    Joey Rivera1997
    Bob Sayle1997
    Andrew Alissandratos1999
    Ben Bailey1999
    Robert Richards1999
    Gil Schuette1999
    Wes Shelton1999
  • 2000-09

    Andrew McConomy2000
    Adam Whitt2000
    Joe Woodward2000
    Andrew Black  2001
    Wes Brown2001
    Austin Hulbert2001
    Eddie Wright2001
    Bryan Clark2002
    Adam Ellis2002
    Trevor Knight2002
    James Mitchell2002
    Will Saxton2002
    Blake Lindsay2003
    Lee McNabb2003
    Chris Cole2004
    Gatlin Hardin2004
    Wilson McManus2005
    Matt Henning2006
    Bennett Mallory2006
    Cameron Ridgway2006
    Drew Alston2007
    Drew Hammond2007
    John Reinhardt2007
    Chris Summerlin2007
    Barrett Huggins2008
    Drew Wiygul2008
    Michael Delugach2009
    Robert Threlkeld2009
  • 2010-19

    Zak Eissler2010
    Andrew Gardella2010
    Franklin Martin2010
    Matt Williams2010
    Terrence Cole2011
    Taylor Jordan2011
    Evan Sousoulas2011
    Chris Walker2012
    Daniel Camuti2013
    Nourse Fox2013
    Charlie Goodfellow2013
    Buckner Loaring-Clark2013
    Taylor Martin2013
    Daniel McGowan2013
    Andrew Raves2013
    Bobby Lewis2014
    Walker Sims2014
    John Valentine2014
    Jack Heathcott2017
    Jalon Love2017
    Kirk Ruaro2017
    Jacob Suppiah2017

Veteran Alumni Committee

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Trevor Benitone

    Trevor Benitone 

    Adams Keegan, Inc.
    Executive VP/Chief Revenue Officer
    United States Air Force Academy - BS
    University of Alabama - MA
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  • Photo of Cage Carruthers

    Cage Carruthers 

    Stephens, Inc.
    Senior Vice President
    University of Mississippi - BBA
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  • Photo of Charles Crump

    Met Crump 

    The Crump Firm, Inc.
    Founder, Chairman/CEO
    Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France
    Harvard University - MA
    Sewanee: The University of the South - BA
    Read Bio
  • Photo of M. Gordon

    McClain Gordon 

    Global Capital Group LLC
    Branch Manager
    University of Pennsylvania - MBA
    Vanderbilt University - BA
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  • Photo of Patrick Hopper

    Pat Hopper 

    FedEx Services
    Vice President
    Air Force Institute of Technology - MS
    United States Air Force Academy - BS
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  • Photo of Andrew McArtor

    Andy McArtor 

    FedEx Corporation
    United States Air Force Academy - BS
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  • Photo of Melvin Payne

    Mel Payne 

    Memphis Surgery Associates PC
    University of Tennessee, Memphis - MD
    Rhodes College - BS
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  • Photo of John Reinhardt

    John Reinhardt 

    Tennessee Air National Guard
    164th Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander
    Central Michigan University - MS
    University of Tennessee - BA
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