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    • Honoring Our Veterans

A Gift from the Class of 2010

For our class gift, we chose to honor the gentlemen who have made a commitment to this country and, in turn, to us, with a commemorative plaque and online Roll of Veterans.

At Memphis University School, we are taught to be mindful of the school’s traditions and those who have come before us. As a class, we want to leave a mark on campus that not only represents our dedication to MUS, but also honors the dedication and service of our fellow alumni.

MUS alumni are known for their leadership roles in their communities, and we honor those alumni who have made a global impact with their selfless service. It is our hope that the current list of veterans will grow to include all alumni who have served our country.

We extend an invitation to everyone in the MUS community to visit the plaque at the base of the flagpole in the west parking lot on campus.

Alumnus veteran information may be sent to us HERE.


Name Class Year
John M. Grider '28
Charles M. Crump '30
George W. Grider '31
Claude C. Crawford '58
Howard W. Ellis '59
Richard D. Brumfield '60
Charles M. Crump, Jr. '60
Albert E. Laughlin '60
Carlisle S. Page '60
Franklin P. Allen '61
Francis D. Gibson '61
Joseph R. Hyde '61
James J. Madison '61
Henry W. Morgan '61
Gustav A. Seelbinder '61
Robert E. Manker '62
Clare C. Smith '62
Frederick W. Smith '62
Ross W. Livermore '63
Nasseem F. Saliba '63
Edward H. Sanders '63
George E. Malone '65
Charles H. Johnston '66
M. M. Gordon '67
Lancelot L. Minor '67
Robert L. Parrish '67
Hugh H. Sprunt '67
Richard R. Walton '67
Walter D. Wills '67
John B. Snowden '68
Bayard S. Todd '70
George J. Whitlock '70
Mark E. Schandorff '71
Michael G. Webster '71
David J. Malone '75
Arthur W. Oliver '75
Cage B. Carruthers '76
John M. Gowdy '77
James B. Moore '77
John B. Outlan '77
Brent C. Clark '78
Hilbert H. Nease '78
William L. Pridgen '78
Joseph T. McGowan '79
Gregory L. Pehlman '79
Howard S. Rhodes '79
Benjamin R. Waller '79
Kevin C. Coleman '80
Melvin P. Payne '80
David S. Galloway '82
Stephen S. Galloway '82
Michael M. Howard '82
John S. King '83
Kenneth D. Moore '83
William T. Sorrells '83
William L. Cole '84
Sterritt L. Armstrong '86
James V. Cole '86
Pearce W. Hammond '86
Andrew A. McArtor '86
Edward W. Miller '86
Michael C. Patterson '86
John K. Shin '86
David F. Evans '87
Thomas C. Flanagan '87
Tobias R. Sernel '87
William S. Stratton '88
Robert B. Edwards '89
James R. Galyean 89
Patrick F. Hopper '89
William M. Gotten '90
Sean McNeill '90
Trevor B. Benitone '91
John W. Heath '93
James A. Zanella '95
Robert J. Bell '96
John M. Cady '97
Jose C. Rivera '97
Robert P. Sayle '97
Herbert J. Taylor '98
Andrew J. Alissandratos '99
Benjamin C. Bailey '99
Robert W. Richards '99
David G. Schuette '99
William W. Shelton '99
Andrew K. McConomy '00
Adam R. Whitt '00
Joseph H. Woodward '00
Andrew H. Black '01
Wesley A. Brown '01
Austin K. Hulbert '01
George C. Pegram '01
Edward R. Wright '01
Bryan W. Clark '02
Adam D. Ellis '02
Trevor M. Knight '02
James O. Mitchell '02
William C. Saxton '02
Eugene Y. Andrews '03
Henry G. Buckingham '03
John C. Latham '03
Blake M. Lindsay '03
Benjamin R. Lombard '03
William G. Hardin '04
Wilson M. McManus '05
Ernest L. Gunther '06
Cameron L. Ridgway '06
Michael A. Hammond '07
John A. Reinhardt '07
Christopher B. Summerlin '07
Barrett J. Huggins '08
Dudley Y. Dunn '10
Edward A. Gardella '10
Terrence E. Cole '11
William C. Graves '12
Charlton W. Hall '12
Gordon W. Trask '14

List of 6 members.

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    Perry Dement 

    Advancement Dir.
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    Claire Farmer 

    Annual Fund Dir.
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    Ann Laughlin 

    Alumni & Parent Programs Dir.
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    Austin Hasenmueller 

    Annual Fund/Alumni Programs Asst. Dir.
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    David Willson 

    Basketball Head Coach, Annual Fund Asst. Dir.
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    Jean Saunders 

    Advancement Services Manager
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