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    Founded in 1893, MUS has remained steadfast in its primary mission; developing well-rounded young men of strong moral character. The school positively impacts the city through strategic partnerships, economic contributions, community service initiatives, and alumni endeavors. Click HERE to review the newest Community Impact Report.

Media Requests

All media requests, including campus photography, videos, or student, faculty, or staff interviews must be sent to the director of communications at (901) 260-1357. Photographers, videographers, and media personnel must be accompanied by a member of the Communications Office.

Communications Team

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  • Photo of Elizabeth Copeland

    Liz Copeland 

    Communications Dir.
    (901) 260-1357
    University of Memphis - BPS
  • Photo of Rebecca Greer

    Rebecca Greer 

    Communications Asst. Dir./Webmaster
    (901) 260-1348
    Union University - BA
  • Photo of Jonah Jordan

    Jonah Jordan 

    Communications Specialist
    (901) 260-1416
    University of Memphis - BA
  • Photo of Kaitlan Koehler

    Kaitlan Koehler 

    Graphic Designer
    (901) 260-1354
    Berry College - BA