College Event for Parents: Navigating Financial Aid: For all Lower and Upper School Parents

Hyde Chapel - Chapel
This could be one of the most important college programs you will ever attend.

Brent Tener, Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid and Undergraduate Scholarships at Vanderbilt University and Anne Walker, Executive Director of University Financial Aid Services at Rice University will be leading a small panel of professionals who will walk families through the process of determining need and making financial aid decisions. This is a rare and privileged look into the many challenges colleges face when supporting students.

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We will be using a case study model to educate parents about how to anticipate and interpret financial aid offers. Many of our families do not appreciate how and why the same student will be packaged differently by colleges and universities.  

This session will provide parents a working vocabulary and a conceptual understanding of the relationship between finite financial aid budgets and institutional need. We also hope to use this experience to support our conversations about generating strategic college application lists.