Honor Council

Honor and integrity characterize a school worthy of respect. From its earliest days, MUS has developed these virtues through the Honor System. An integral part of the life of the students, the Honor System aids the school in its mission of developing a boy's character and enriching his spiritual life.
At the beginning of each year this Oath of Honor is recited by all:

We, the students and faculty at Memphis University School, hereby pledge our full support to the Honor System. I pledge to be honest myself, and in order that the spirit and integrity of the Honor System may endure, I pledge that I will make known to the Honor Council any case of dishonesty which I may observe at MUS.

The Honor System establishes mutual trust between students and faculty, assures that no one take unfair advantage of his fellows, affirms that one tells the truth or suffer the consequences if he doesn't, and guarantees respect for another's good name and the good name of the school. The Honor Code expresses the ideal of a gentleman's agreement, a bond of trust and faith in each other.

The Honor Council, composed of two boys elected from each class and a president elected by the student body, is charged with the responsibility of seeing that the Honor Code is upheld and that any violation is dealt with fairly and justly. The Honor System is directed by the students because of their desire to be worthy of the respect of their fellow men.

Primarily, the Honor Council investigates charges against a student for lying, cheating, or stealing. Every person in the school is responsible for reporting to the Council any violations of the Code so that the Council may consider the case and determine what should be done in the best interests of the Honor System and the person involved. The Council can only recommend to the school administration that an action be taken, and the administration, which can also investigate any violation, has the final decision regarding the Council's recommendations. We believe that working within the Honor System provides the best training in developing and maintaining a student's sense of integrity.