The project officially launched on February 10, 2020, with a joint “visioning” session by the Board of Trustees and a project Steering Committee representative of various school constituencies.
Undertaken to anticipate change, affirm what the school does well, and set a standard for “the school of choice,” the planning project was guided by data, situational analysis, and market assessment, along with aspirations of the school community.

In their joint retreat, Trustees and Steering Committee members aligned their views around four objectives: a clear direction, unified vision, progressive action plan that holds true to valued traditions, and – with a thorough understanding of the market – solid preparation for the future.

The project followed the six-phase, multiyear planning model facilitated by The Napa Group, a consulting firm specializing in higher and independent school education and institutional advancement.

After the retreat, MUS administrators conducted focus groups to gain stakeholder perspectives about several priority areas identified as “key” to the school’s plan. In all, 12 Focus Groups were held with 174 participants.

The rest of the project occurred in virtual sessions – four Steering Committee meetings to frame concepts and shape the emerging plan; six Task Forces engaging about 50 faculty, staff, students, parents, community partners, and alumni to build out the plan’s actions, timelines, and metrics; further community engagement to provide feedback as the plan developed; and Leadership Team sessions, coupled with Board Strategic Planning Committee perspectives, to converge stakeholder input, finalize priorities, and recommend the final plan for the Board’s approval at its February 2021 meeting.