• Varsity Fencing

    2020 - 2021
    Head Coach: Sergey Petrosyan


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  • MUS Fencers Shine At Team Tournament

    Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in Saturday's tournament and to all of the parents who came to support the fencers. We had a great turnout all while maintaining safety guidelines. Though this past year has been slow and difficult due to the virus, everyone continued to spotlight their strengths, and it was great to see all the new fencers stepping up to the competition. 
    In addition, thank you to the parents who supplied snacks and food to fuel our fencers and referees. We couldn't do these tournaments without you all! Coach Petrosyan

    Here are the medalists from the tournaments:
    Mixed Epee
    1st- Nathan Chambers (MUS)
    2nd- Alan Du (Houston Middle)
    3rd- Kyan Ramsay (MUS)
    3rd- Kushal Patel (MUS)
    Unrated Mixed Epee(Beginners)
    1st- Marley White (MUS)
    2nd- Fletcher Taylor (MUS)
    3rd- Soren Johnson (Forest Hill)
    3rd- Aadil Omer (MUS)
    Mixed Saber
    1st- Eshaan Patnaik (MUS)
    2nd- Zeon Wang (MUS)
    3rd- Rushil Komeravelli (MUS)
    Mixed Foil
    1st- Samuel Lim (MUS)
    2nd- Ashley Graflund (St. Mary's)
    3rd- Jack Dex (MUS)
    3rd- Tyler Dang (MUS)
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Fencing practice begins the week of August 24. Due to health and safety protocols, practice will be once a week for each weapon: Tuesday, foil; Thursday, epee; and Saturday, saber. Email Coach Sergey Petrosyan to sign up.

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