Transitioning to College

Sewanee administrator Eric Hartman visited campus last week for a presentation to parents and seniors titled, “Managing What’s NOT on the College Tour.” Hartman, vice-president of risk management and institutional effectiveness at the university, offered valuable information and straight answers about the challenges students can face in college and ways parents can help prepare them.
In his lunch workshop for parents of juniors and seniors, Hartman identified five important topics to discuss with children before they leave for college: reducing the harm from alcohol and drugs, making wise decisions about how to spend time and energy, helping prevent sexual assault, managing FOLO (the fear of living off-line), and negotiating new privacy rules. Besides picking the college that is the right fit, he said making friends is one of the keys to successfully transitioning to a new community.
In his meeting with students, Hartman urged them to take advantage of all the services a college offers. “If you attend college and just go to class, it’s like sitting in a Ferrari and only turning on the air conditioning,” he said. “There are so many more opportunities … you should use all the features!”

Pictured above, from left, are Director of Counseling Joe Abrahams, Hartman, Counselor Anne Burruss, and Associate Director of College Counseling Steven Johanson. For more information about Hartman’s presentation, please email Joe Abrahams