Lt. Terrence Cole ’11 Offers Encouraging Message

Air Force Lt. Terrence Cole ’11 said he did not want to leave Cordova Middle School to come to MUS, but his mother insisted. Now, he says, “it was the best decision of my life.”

A senior systems operator based in Wyoming overseeing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and crew members, Cole spoke to Lower School students during a recent visit. He said he had a rocky start at MUS – three Fs and an Honor Code violation – but his mother supported the system, and the teachers worked with him to get him where he needed to be.
“These people here love you, and they want you to succeed,” he told the boys. “On my first English paper from Coach [Dax] Torrey, I got a -21. I did not think that was possible. Coach Torrey said, ‘I’m going to let you resubmit this paper, but you need to come during my office hours so I can explain this to you.’”

Cole, who was accompanied by his mother, Daphne Cole, and fellow Owl Ivan Denson ’11, said his grounding here prepared him extremely well for the University of Tennessee, Air Force training, and his fast-track career.

“We are not entry-level guys,” he said. “We graduated in 2011, and in our class, we have doctors, dentists, veterinarians, guys working on Wall Street. That’s going to be you guys.”

Cole encouraged the boys to embrace the challenge and take full advantage of their time at MUS.

“They have a system here. It works. I’m proof that it works,” he said. “You’re going to look up one day and you’re going to be a sophomore at MUS, and then you’re going to look up to be a sophomore in college. And you’re going to remember everything MUS did for you.”

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