7th and 8th Graders Experience STEM at Lone Oaks

Seventh- and eighth-grade students enjoyed a beautiful day outside the classroom on their annual STEM field trip to the University of Tennessee’s Lone Oaks Farm in Middleton, TN. Guided by a team of UT’s educators, the boys calculated the slope of a field, used a compass and paper map (rather than a cell phone!) to find locations, improved their collaboration skills, and learned about the tremendous amount of science involved in cotton production and watershed restoration. 
Many thanks to Farm Director Scott Cagle, STEM Director Ron Blair, and instructors Scott Reese, Victoria Burnette, and Krystal Boyd for leading the boys through fun and interesting exercises that showed the practical applications of science. Thanks are also due to West Tennessee River Basin Authority civil engineer Kim Rios and cotton specialists Dr. Tyson Raper and Ryan Blair for sharing information about their careers and their scientific studies involving water resources and agriculture. 

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