2019-20 Cheerleaders Announced

We appreciate all the talented athletes who participated in our cheerleading tryouts, and we proudly announce the 2019-20 squads by rising grade and school:
Football Squad
Sheridan Austin, sophomore, St.Mary’s
Brooke Bohlke, junior, Hutchison
Ava Dickson, sophomore, Hutchison
Katherine Harding, senior, Hutchison
Sarah Harris, senior, Hutchison
Miller Johnson, junior, Hutchison
Jada Millen, senior, Hutchison
Emma Prather, junior, Hutchison
Gabby Robbins, junior, Hutchison
Anne Claire Sexton, senior, Hutchison
Madeleine Siler, junior, Hutchison
Caroline Swaim, senior, Hutchison
Marjorie Ann Templeton, junior, Hutchison
Betty Jane Thomas, junior, Hutchison
Shade Webb, senior, Hutchison
Townes Wilkinson, senior, Hutchison
Lily Williams, sophomore, Hutchison
Emmy Yambrek, sophomore, Hutchison

Basketball Squad
Sara Kate Burnett, sophomore, Hutchison
Lily Cox, sophomore, Hutchison
Linley Downs, sophomore, Hutchison
Genevieve Geno, sophomore, Hutchison
Ellie Bridges Greenfield, junior, St. Mary’s
Simone Ivy, senior, St. Mary’s
Mary Jones, senior, St. Mary’s
Izabella Moore, sophomore, Hutchison
Maryn Rauscher, sophomore, St. Mary’s
Ally Roberts, senior, St. Mary’s
Anna Rose Thomas, junior, Hutchison
CeCe Turley, sophomore, Hutchison
Ansley Turner, junior, St. Mary's
Lane Wackerfuss, junior, St. Mary’s
Eve West, junior, Hutchison