Latin Owls Win Title XII

Our Latin scholars won first place – for the 12th consecutive year – this weekend in the 63rd annual Tennessee Junior Classical League convention in Chattanooga. A total of 32 schools from across the state competed in the event. MUS fielded a delegation of 41 Upper School and Lower School scholars, all of whom contributed in some way to the 1,421 points scored by the team. University School of Nashville came in second.
“The more of these competitions that we win, the more pressure our students face,” said Instructor in Latin Ryan Sellers. “Yet, as the results of this year’s competition indicate, they handled this pressure with remarkable aplomb. They worked hard, they prepared themselves diligently, and they lived up to the high standards of excellence that the MUS Latin program is known for.”
Sellers listed these highlights:
• Top scorers were sophomore Will Schuessler and freshmen Kerry Zhao, Mark Hieatt, and Forest Rudd, all of whom earned enough points to finish in the individual Top 10
• The Latin II Certamen team came in first place
• Sophomore Akbar Latif was elected 1st Vice President of TJCL for the 2019-20 school year, the first time in almost a decade that MUS will have a student officer in TJCL
Sellers gave the Latin Club co-consuls, seniors Ty Williams and Loyd Templeton, credit for helping lead the team to victory. “With the convention coming so close to the end of the school year, it would have been very easy for them to have taken a knee on this entire event,” Sellers said. “But they didn’t. The five years they’ve invested in our Latin program have meant something to them, and they both wanted to make sure that this incredible winning streak did not come to an end on their watch.”