Salman Wins Trigon Tournament

Lower School students gathered in Thomas Amphitheater this morning for the grand spectacle of the 7th Annual Roman Trigon Tournament.
Faculty gladiators – Math Instructor Meredith Johanson, History Instructor Ted Fockler, and Physical Education Department Chair Matt Bakke - participated in a preliminary round of competition before three toga-clad Latin scholars stepped up to battle. “Point, Salman!” was called repeatedly by tournament founder and Latin Instructor Ryan Sellers, and Alyaan did indeed emerge victorious. Great work by our referee, our scorekeepers, and our brave eighth-grade warriors. Audentes fortuna iuvat!
Pictured from left, Thomas Preston, Ian McGehee, Trigon Champion Alyaan Salman, Ahad Farooq, Phoenix Hernandez, Griffin Marshall, and Kaleb Conway