"Letter to Leo" from Clay Smythe

Instructor in Religion Clay Smythe ’85 presented his annual Letters to Leo epistle in chapel assembly. In a roller-coaster ride of prose, he provided observations and lessons on life to his now-fourth grader, Leo – insights that provide opportunity for contemplation in a wider audience, as in this excerpt: “In a personal, existential, and very real way, so much of this life is Undiscovered Country." 
"While all the older people around you trekked their paths, and lived to tell about it, you are just beginning your own journey, and while there are similarities among us … the bends and undulations you’ll undoubtedly uncover toward your destination will be unique, especially when I am no longer called or able to walk beside you. As best as possible, you must be prepared in heart, soul, and might, for while the journey is good, it is fraught with pitfalls, sirens, quicksand, and deceptive, alluring invitations and diversions along the way. How to stay and not stray is a daily, moment-by-moment deliberate exercise. But be encouraged for the emotions and the will can be trained, and the heart, the mind, and the stomach can grow toward that which nurtures, which quenches our deepest longings, helping to align our passions with that which satisfies the soul.”