Upper School CSO Leaders Announced

The Civic Service Organization has announced the Upper School leaders for next year. These leaders are committed to participating in a variety of community service projects each school year. The two major categories of activities are fundraising for charitable purposes and service to various community organizations and agencies.
Through their leadership, all MUS students learn important lessons about people in need, about problem-solving, about leadership, and about working together. To learn more or to submit a project for CSO consideration, see the group’s Resource Board under the Resources tab when you are logged in to the website.

New Upper School CSO executives and representatives are:

Matthew Jones
Colin McCown

Vice Presidents
Warren Johnston
Holden Pate

Senior Executives

Hart Gowen
Max Shackelford

Junior Executives
Turner Bishop
Forest Rudd
Witt Smith

Grade 12 Reps
Warren Barry
Stephen Cates
Dutch Hansen
Paul Jones
Samy Paul
Jacob Rickels
J.P. Wood

Grade 11 Reps
Collin Craft
Kyler Herring
Alex Li
Matthew Mellone
Tilal Siddiq
Garner Uhlhorn
Christopher Yarbro

Grade 10 Reps
Jack Blackwell
Braden Chubb
Ahad Farooq
Joseph Keeler
Jack Knighton
John Lee
Alyaan Salman

Grade 9 Reps
Wilson Bridgforth
Parth Patel
Eshaan Patnaik
(Remaining positions to be announced later.)

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