Practice SAT and ACT for Rising Seniors: June 13, 20

As a part of our testing support for rising seniors, MUS is partnering with Ashland Prep, an online tutoring company that specializes in one-on-one and small group standardized test instruction. As part of their service, Ashland will a host free practice ACT Saturday, June 13, at 11 a.m. and a free practice SAT Saturday June 20, at 11 a.m. 
These free practice tests include:
  1. Printing and shipping real SAT and ACT practice tests directly to your address
  2. Live, online proctoring from Ashland Prep tutors through Zoom
  3. A detailed, printable PDF score report for one or both exams
  4. A complimentary analysis of your exam scores with Ashland Prep, with specific test-taking timeline recommendations via phone call or Zoom
To register for one or both practice tests, please email with the subject heading "June 2020 Practice Tests." The registration deadline is Friday, May 29. In your email include the following information:
  • Student’s name
  • School
  • Class Year
  • Which test(s) the student will take (ACT, SAT, both)
  • If you’re a rising senior, your previous practice tests or official score reports (to ensure you aren't sent a duplicate exam)
  • Physical mailing address
  • Phone number, if you would like to have a conversation after the exams about the scores
Once you are confirmed, further instructions will be emailed during the week after the May 29 deadline.

  1. My student just wants to take the SAT practice test. Is that okay? We recommend students take both the ACT and the SAT practice tests unless they have data from real tests or practice tests proving that they are better at one test over the other. The PACT and the PSAT are NOT the same thing as the tests used in college admissions!

  2. What is the difference between these practice tests and the PACT/PSAT? The PSAT and PACT are shorter, easier versions of the practice SAT and ACT that students will take with Ashland Prep. The Ashland Prep tests were formerly administered officially by the ACT and the College Board. The PSAT is used for scholarships for the highest scoring students early junior year, while the PACT has no immediate repercussions. There is no more accurate assessment available to understand students' testing needs then full-length practice tests directly from the ACT and the College Board.
  3. What if I already have a tutor/took a test once/began the testing process?That's okay! These tests are still valuable. There is no obligation to work with Ashland Prep after you receive your scores. The follow-up conversation about your scores is not mandatory – but we are confident that you will find the data and the conversation with Ashland Prep helpful and productive, and we encourage you to take advantage of the complimentary resource. If you have taken official practice tests before, please email with your results so they can avoid giving you a test you have already taken.
  4. Do students need to study for both exams, take both, and submit both to colleges? No! The purpose of taking a practice ACT and SAT at the same time is to compare your results and choose one test on which to focus. You don't get bonus points for submitting scores to both exams. An SAT or ACT and two subject tests will satisfy the requirements of almost every school in the country, including the most competitive. Many competitive schools no longer recommend subject tests. Since you don’t necessarily know what school you may be interested in by the time applications are due November through January of your senior year, it’s best to fulfill the “minimum recommended” requirements for testing.

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