Strategic Plan July 2020 Update

The Steering Committee for the MUS Strategic Planning Project met May 27, 2020. This was the second meeting following its original retreat with the Board of Trustees in February and nearly three months of the school’s remote activities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Nonetheless, as many members commented, this has been an unexpected time of growth, discovery, and innovation within the school community: The experience of forced distance resulted in rapid acceleration of technology and use of remote tools to continue the school’s educational and administrative processes – “a quantum leap in technology,” as Headmaster Pete Sanders remarked.
The meeting followed the conclusion of focus group sessions held to gain stakeholder perspectives about several priority areas identified by retreat participants as key to the school’s plan. In all, 12 focus groups were held with 174 participants:
  • 31 alumni in two sessions
  • 56 faculty/staff in three sessions
  • 58 current parents in four sessions
  • 3 parents of alumni in one session
  • 12 parents of incoming students in one session
  • 14 students in one session
The primary activity of the May 27 Steering Committee session involved breakout groups in which each team was asked to do the following for its assigned strategic theme: (1) develop a goal statement and three to four high-level objectives to accomplish the goal in five years and (2) select the top three economic indicators with the greatest importance to MUS.

This summer Co-Chairs Jim Barton ’85 and Anne McWaters and Headmaster Pete Sanders have been meeting regularly and partnering with the project consultants. The MUS leadership team is honing Steering Committee goals and assigning task forces to address each goal. These groups will identify tactics and resources required for accomplishing the objectives. They also will set timelines and achievement metrics.

The Steering Committee welcomes responses from all interested parties through a dedicated email address:

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