Sodexo Announces Concurrent Learning Meal Plan

Our food service provider, Sodexo, has announced a meal plan for Concurrent Learning this semester. The first semester lunch plan is $250, and it provides an average 10-20 percent discount over purchasing items a la carte.
The plan includes one entrée (hot entrée, large salad, deli sandwich, pizza, or hot sandwich) plus three side items (hot side, deli side, side salad, fruit, yogurt, dessert, chips, fries, or beverage). Breakfast is not covered by the $250 lunch plan fee. Note that cashiers will not be accepting cash or checks.*
Other Important Information:
  • Declining Balance (DCB) account - Every student has a DCB account that parents can choose to fund. Tied to a student’s U Card, this works like a debit card, and students can use the funds to purchase any food or drink item for breakfast or lunch. If a student on the Concurrent Learning meal plan chooses items over and above plan allowances, including breakfast, those purchases will be charged to the student’s DCB account.
  • All returning students who had a second-semester meal plan from last year will be placed automatically on the new Concurrent Learning meal plan at no additional cost. If you prefer that last year’s credit be transferred to your son’s Declining Balance account instead of the Concurrent Learning plan, email
  • Families who had Plus plans last semester will be placed on the Concurrent Learning plan and issued a credit (for the difference between Plus and Regular plan) to their Declining Balance accounts.
  • New families may choose to purchase a meal plan and/or to fund Declining Balance accounts.
To purchase a meal plan or to add money to a student’s Declining Balance account, visit and create an account by clicking “Register.” When your account is created, you will be able to add your student(s) by using their school district name (Memphis University School) and student number (the same number assigned to your U card) to your account. There is no minimum amount required to add funds online; however, there is a small convenience fee per transaction.
To find a student U Card number, log in to OwlHub, go to Child/Children, Contact Card, then look at the General Information box. His U Card number is the last number in the box.

* You also may drop off cash or a check (in a sealed envelope) or mail a check to Memphis University School, 6191 Park Ave., Memphis, TN 38119. Attn: Sodexo. There is no extra fee for using these options.

If you have questions, contact David Neuses at

Note: Full breakfast and lunch service begins August 24. The Sodexo staff will take special precautions, including enhanced cleaning protocols, screening of employees, and serving hot food in closed containers and prepacked cold food in open coolers. Bottled water or cans of soda will be available in open coolers. Utensils and napkins will be pre-rolled and sealed. Social distancing, wearing of masks, and safety protocols will be enforced.

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