WordSmiths Dash Out Winnings

Dr. Eric Dalle ’93, instructor in English, organized a team of 11 students to compete in the 2021 WordSmith Writing Olympics, sponsored by the University of Memphis English Department, in February. The Owls competed in three events separated by length and grade level, and nine of the competitors were recognized in at least one event.
At the senior level, Matthew Phillips won second place in the 80-Word Dash, honorable mention in the 120-Word Dash, and second place in the 400-Word main event. He singlehandedly took home a silver medal and a second-place trophy for MUS among seniors.

Edward Grinder earned second in the 120-Word at the junior level. In the 10th grade, Max Mascolino earned honorable mention in both the 80-Word and 400-Word while Kyan Ramsay earned second in the 80-Word and third in the 400-Word. Ramsay took home the bronze, and MUS placed third overall for sophomores.

Freshman Will Hess earned honorable mention in the 120-Word, and freshman Jerry Xiao earned honorable mention in the 400-Word. In the eighth grade, Kushal Patel placed second in the 400-Word and took home a silver medal. In the seventh grade, Brady Ehrhart earned honorable mention in the 80-Word and second in the 120-Word, securing a bronze medal, and James Jin earned honorable mention in the 400-Word. The duo lifted MUS to the second-place spot among seventh graders.

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