Campbell Elected Honor Council President

The Memphis University School student body elected junior Carter Campbell to be the 2022-23 Honor Council president.

In his speech in a special Tuesday assembly, Campbell stated that the goal of the Honor Council is to teach. He told a story from his childhood when he didn’t listen to his father and ended up getting hurt because of it. “I learned that my actions did more harm to myself than good, and I never made the same mistake again,” he said.
Campbell has served on the Honor Council for five years, beginning when he was in the seventh grade, and said he has not enjoyed a single case. He is glad, though, that people are able to learn from their experiences.

“The Honor Council hopes that if someone does commit an offense, they will learn that character is so much more important than a good grade and that actions like these can hurt them later in life, after their years at MUS,” he said.

The Honor Council, composed of representatives from each class and a president elected by the student body, is charged with the responsibility of seeing that the school’s Honor Code is upheld and that any violation is dealt with fairly and justly.

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