Michael R. Deaderick

Jennifer Welty, Portrait Artist
During his 21 years at the school, Michael Deaderick inspired a generation of students in his history classroom. He earned his bachelor's and master's in history from the University of Arkansas, and later worked on a Ph.D. at Louisiana State University. He joined the MUS faculty as chair of the History Department in 1970, held the Ross McCain Lynn Chair of History, and created many semester-length history courses covering Russian, Civil War, and Military History.
He taught the first Advanced Placement course here and received the John M. Nail Outstanding Teaching Award in 1992. He served as faculty advisor to the Owls' Hoot for six years and director of student activities for nine years, creating a comprehensive, community service program for students. The lessons he taught – individual responsibility, diligence, preparation, attention to detail, decorum, respect – are woven into the lives and the hearts of the many alumni he taught.