Three Owls Honored for Latin Writing

Senior Forest Rudd and juniors Frederick Huang and Kevin Ma received honorable mentions for short stories submitted to the Bernice L. Fox Classics Writing Contest 2022.  

The theme given to the students was “Nostos,” meaning return or homecoming. They were tasked with writing a tale centered on the return – after some form of separation – of characters throughout literature, mythology, or history. The writers also could come up with their own new characters set between the 8th century BC and 6th century AD. 
Rudd explored a scenario in which the Carthaginian general Hannibal was captured after the Second Punic War, imprisoned in the city of Rome, and then forced to return to Carthage to witness its destruction in 146 BC. Huang wrote about the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, the father and son who escaped imprisonment on wings of feathers and wax. Ma reimagined the story of Prometheus, the Greek god who introduced humans to fire.  

The contest, sponsored by the Department of Classics at Monmouth College, was started in 1985 to honor Fox, a longtime professor at Monmouth College who worked to further the advancement of Latin.

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