Juniors, Sophomores: MUS in Europe

The 23rd MUS in Europe program will be The Dawn of Forensic Science: How Fiction Became Fact, taught by Instructor in Science Rosalyn Croce. Open to current juniors and sophomores, this unique course will trace the roots of 21st-century forensic science through literature and investigate its influence on techniques today. The course will culminate in a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, and London, England. Students will tour historic sites such as Surgeons’ Hall Museums, Edinburgh Castle, Greyfriars Cemetery, White Chapel, Old Scotland Yard, and Westminster Abbey, and attend a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe!
Ms. Croce will teach the academic course Wednesday afternoons from 2:20-3:15 p.m. during the second semester (2023) as well as on the road in Europe. Fulfilling the academic requirements of this course will result in a one-semester English credit (for the senior year). Travel dates are May 31 – June 9, 2023, and the cost is $5,245. Students may sign up for the trip beginning at noon Monday, September 19, and submit a $500 deposit check (made out to MUS) to reserve a spot. Read details and instructions HERE.