"Win at Social" Counseling Events

The Counseling Department is excited to announce that MUS has launched a partnership with The Social Institute, a national leader in curriculum designed to equip students to navigate the complex intersection of well-being, social media, and technology. 
At a time when students spend many hours each day on digital devices, and cyberbullying and reputation-damaging posts run rampant, TSI provides students with the knowledge necessary to make positive, healthy, and high-character choices that fuel their health, happiness, and future success.
We have adopted TSI’s comprehensive program for Grades 7 through 10, called #WinAtSocial, which promotes character, empathy, teamwork, and other important life skills.  
Lower School Counselor Marisa Leard is delivering lessons to seventh and eighth graders, and Director of Counseling Joe Abrahams is delivering lessons to freshmen and sophomores. 
TSI provides a variety of resources for parents designed to encourage conversations at home that expand on what is discussed at school. These supplementary resources provide insight into social media, technology, and student experiences. The Counseling Office sends emails to families of participating students with information on how they can extend the conversation.

We are excited to offer this important and timely education to our community!