Additional Practice ACT Available for Juniors

The College Counseling Office is partnering with Compass Education Group to offer a new, additional date for a free practice ACT for juniors. Testing will begin Saturday, November 19, at 8 a.m., in US Room 317. Those approved for extended time by ACT will have extended time on the practice ACT. 

Juniors may opt to take the test at home on their own time if they come by the College Counseling Office and pick up the materials.
Those who opt to take the test at home should time themselves on each section and return their completed answer sheet to their college counselor to be scored. 

Students can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with a Compass Director to go over practice test results. While we are using Compass as a reliable and reputable test preparation company to administer this practice test, families are under no obligation to further utilize Compass as a paid test preparation service. 

Please let your College Counselor know if you have any questions.