William S. Taylor

Dawn Whitelaw, Portrait Artist
When Harold Adams Sparr graduated from MUS in 1912, he surely could not have imagined that grandson Bill Taylor would join the faculty in 1976, become the Ruth McCaughan Morrison Chair of Science, and coach one of the winningest tennis programs in Tennessee history. All of this would come after “Coach T.” had teamed up with the headmaster, Col. Ross Lynn, for a doubles match victory.
Taylor taught Biology, AP Biology, and Genetics with a calm demeanor and dry humor. He was known for regularly whipping up milkshakes, a mouthwatering blend of what he called the trinity: vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whole milk, and “the intangible: viscosity.” 

Along with colleague Dr. Reginald Dalle, he rejuvenated the MUS in Europe summer program in 1999 and led more than 30 trips abroad. 

Renowned in state tennis circles, he brought home 14 state team titles and 16 doubles and 10 singles championships. He was named Tennis Coach of the Year by The Commercial Appeal 15 times. In addition, he served as a spotter in the press box during football games for four decades.

Over his 44 years at MUS, Coach T. coached boys on to victory in tennis and encouraged a broader view through travel. His greatest influence, however, is felt in the wider world as students put into practice not only his lessons in biology but also wisdom, character, and wit.