Torrey Wins Honey Competition

Instructor in English Dax Torrey ’94 has always been a champion of grammar and sports statistics, and now he can add honey champ to his credits. At the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association’s November 14 meeting, he took home first prize in the most competitive category – light honey.
The 16-ounce jar of light amber honey pictured here was taken from a colony of bees surrounded by blackberry flowers near Bolivar.

Torrey occasionally shares his honey with faculty and staff … while supplies last. In addition to blackberry bushes, his bees can draw nectar from cotton blossoms or clover/wildflowers, with each source providing distinctive flavors.

Mr. Craig Christenbury ’83, who recently got into the honey business, alerted us to the news. “Dax beat all the old heads that win this contest every year. It was a HUGE upset victory for Team Torrey,” Christenbury said.

“He allowed me to take a taste after the contest was over, and I have to admit that the flavor was spectacular. Extremely light and very fruity.”