Owls Host Memphis Symphony Orchestra Residency

A clarinet concert in Hyde Chapel November 16 was the culmination of a residency with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra clarinet quartet. President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Abell introduced the program, saying, “Music provides the soundtrack to your life as you live it.”
MSO’s Mr. Andre Dyachenko (principal clarinet), Ms. Rena Feller, Ms. Nobuko Igarashi, and Instructor in Music Chris Piecuch worked with student clarinet players for two sessions before the concert.

At chapel the quartet took the stage and played a short symphony. Then Owls Jeffrey Liu ’23, Eshaan Patnaik ’24, Parth Patel ’24, Lucas Zhang ’26, and Sai Madasu ’24 joined them for a lyrical performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. See more photos HERE.

The MSO residency program will continue in the spring, with a focus on strings.